Dave Smith

What’s your role?

I’m chair of the board of trustees, data protection officer and safeguarding lead. Until we get a general manager or director, I co-run some of the services. I also seem to be the appointed driver giving lifts to my fellow trustees all over London!

Why did you get involved with the charity?

A close family member struggles with addiction and so it’s close to my heart. Having had senior roles in other charities, I knew I had a strong skillset and business knowledge that could help Rehabit.

Why do you enjoy it?

I enjoy taking on new challenges. I get great satisfaction from running a valuable service with limited funds, seeing it grow – and being able to help more beneficiaries. Given my experience in the sector, I can advise on how we can guide clients to the broader support they might need.

What are you currently working on?

Co-creating our 12-week pilot programme for people in the community who are struggling with drugs and alcohol. This will be a proof of concept for establishing our rehab house.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

You can never fail if you try. We always learn something when things don’t work out, so embracing this ideology helps me to push forward.

What three traits define you?
  • Resolutely persistent
  • Kind
  • Open-minded
What’s your favourite film or book or song?

My favourite song has to be A Kinda Magic by Queen. Film is tricky, not sure have a favourite but the mood I’m in I’d go for Sneakers with Robert Redford or the Lethal Weapon franchise.

What animal would you be and why?

Easy one. Dogs! Mainly, German Shepherds. Love them for their intelligence and their response to training.

What’s your proudest moment?

Being a dad four times! And passing the NHS qualifications and certificates to be a technician and then a paramedic, something I practised for over a decade.

What’s your next biggest challenge?

At the risk of duplicating the others, it’s got to be getting the rehab house up and running.