Male College Student Meeting With Campus Counselor Discussing Mental Health Issues
Helping Those in Need

Accessing free counselling and peer support for substance abuse

If you need help or know someone who needs help with drugs or alcohol but can’t afford counselling you can refer them here for free counselling and peer support:

Self Referral Get help now
Providing extra care, tolerance and patience

Timely support and help through free addiction services

We complement the work of larger drugs and alcohol services in the boroughs by helping those who are in danger of falling through the gaps in society or who are stuck in the system.

We believe those who will benefit from our services are people who need that extra time, tolerance, patience and care to get the help they so desperately need.

We also provide this free addiction service with some extra counselling support from our partners Azura Minds. Our relationships in Islington and Haringey are growing.

Timely assistance

Community support

Professional team

Positive results

What makes us unique

Our concept is to be small, agile and personal, providing a non-judgemental quick intervention and free service with lived experience and abstinence at its heart. 

Helping those who might fall through the gaps or who are stuck in the system

Supporting those who’ve tried recovery before and not got it – especially those who’ve tried controlled drinking/using but need abstinence

Busting misconceptions about 12-steps

Non-judgemental and connecting with people to enable a quick intervention 

Helping those whose drug and alcohol use is preventing specialist counselling 


Addiction counsellors needed for our our pilot programme

We are looking for an addiction counsellor to lead our two one-month non-residential pilot programmes in Islington, supported by two placement counsellors. Each of the two programmes will provide addiction recovery support for up to 10 people who are struggling with drugs and alcohol and have no or limited funds.

There will be a hybrid of face-to-face and online delivery, and will include group therapy, life skills, employment and education advice. 

See lead counsellor job advert and placement counsellor advert for more details and how to apply.